How to Decorate With Floating Shelves

loating shelves are one of the magical unicorns of design; they just seem to work everywhere. They’re often the perfect choice if you need a bit more storage or if you want to add some visual interest to a space. And since they come in all different styles and sizes, they’re incredibly versatile.

1: Over the TV
Eclectic Black Entertainment Center With Floating Shelves

Add some floating shelves above your TV to draw the eyes up. In this example, the TV fades into the background. Adding color-coded books to your shelves is another fun trick to attract the eye away from the TV.
2: Dish Display
Floating Display Shelves

Ryan Garvin

Consider adding a few shelves between your existing kitchen cabinets. You can display your prettiest dishes and glasses, and simply switch it up depending on the time of year or season.
3: Book Collection
Neutral Contemporary Bedroom With Floating Shelves

These narrow shelves are used to display books like a magazine rack. This would work well if you have a lot of coffee table books to showcase. It could also be a great solution for displaying framed artwork or family photos.
4: Statement Piece
Floating Shelves Made From Old Belts

Shelves prominently displayed on the wall can actually take the place of artwork. Here, the rustic, reclaimed wood shelves are used to showcase decor, houseplants and accessories. When cleverly arranged, they manage to stand in for a large piece of art.
5: Laundry Room Storage
Floating Shelves in Transitional Laundry Room

House of Jade Interiors

The laundry room is another great spot to add shelves if you have the space. You can increase your storage space with a couple of extra floating shelves and quickly upgrade the functionality of your laundry room. If you don’t need the extra storage room, you can add some artwork or some plants to warm up your space.

This is a perfect example of how to use shelves on an awkward space in their home. Using shelves in this spot brings order to the living room but also keeps things tucked away. The flexibility of the shelves also allows the homeowner to go higher than a standard bookshelf.

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