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Modern Design Tray Table 2

Modern Design Tray Table

Designers never stop, so almost everyday on the market there are fantastic solutions of small, but also great life problems in the form of top quality products and projects of valuable attention. Today we take you to the fascinating world of modern living room chairs, and the range of models [...] June 13, 2019

Umbrella Side Table

homas Bentzen’s portable side table is aptly named ‘Don’t Leave Me’. Abbreviated to DLM, it features a convenient handle that allows the metal table to be carried from room to room. Although it has a lightweight and portable structure, the three slanted legs provide great stability. Available in two sizes, [...] June 12, 2019

House Bird

High-quality reproduction inspired by Charles and Ray’s design. Charles and Ray used many objects brought back from trips to enrich their home collage. For more than 50 years, a black wooden bird&mdashan Appalachian folk art-piece&mdashstood in the middle of their living room. This sculpture was evidently one of their favourites, [...] June 12, 2019

Wooden Monkey by Kay Bojesen

Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Kay Bojesen's Monkey was born in 1951. A little Monkey with the great personality which has come to signify a gift from a very special person. For christenings, birthdays, school leavers and weddings. A classic and a dear friend for life – [...] June 5, 2019